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Primary Care - Naturopathic Medicine
Small steps today for a better quality of life tomorrow
Meet Cara

Meet Dr. Cara Hartz ND

A lifestyle, a philosophy and a way to practice medicine

Dr. Hartz, the creator of “ByHartz”, affirms that there are several paths to improve every person’s quality of life, and started the “Byhartz” project, as a way to share her knowledge and foundings with everyone. Make sure you follow us on social networks.

As a Primary Care - Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Hartz treats all family members, providing them with specific solutions according to their needs. This can apply to a very simple condition like a cold- flu or a more complex condition such as Lyme Disease. 

For many health issues there are not always easy and simple explanations, said Dr. Hartz: "You must be able to see the whole of the person to understand how the mind, spirit and every day habits are playing a role on the presented condition”. 

“I pay special attention to the mindset component, simply because the mind plays a fundamental role on the self energy healing process. Assessing the spirit of the person is a priority to decide which treatment plan is the correct one, whether it be 100% based on natural medicine or needs to include conventional medicine.


For Dr. Hartz, the priority is the whole person and their well-being.

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Dr. Hartz scope of practice

Women's Health
  • General wellness

  • Preconception and postpartum care

  • Hormone imbalances

All Family Members
  • Sleep and stress management

  • Food allergies & dietary plans 

  • Lifestyle modification

  • Parenting 

Pediatric & adolescent 
  • Pediatrics- specialties concerns

  • Adolescents- teen health concerns and wellness or sports physicals

Lyme disease & related infections

Dr. Hartz has treated hundreds of cases of Lyme disease since 2012. Her ability to diagnose is based on understanding how many different ways this disease can present and how you can be exposed. 

Digestive Issues
  • Food sensitivity

  • Chronic yeast

  • Celiac disease

  • Crohn’s Disease

  • SIBO

  • Others

Environmental illness

Caused by hazards found at your work, home or frequent visited places. Find the cause, treat it!

  • Asthma & allergies (MCAS)

  • Mold toxicity

  • Chemical 


Services Byhartz

A lifestyle, a philosophy and a way to practice medicine

After spending years in physical distress without an answer by medical professionals, Dr. Cara had her first encounter with naturopathic practices as a patient.


By 2010 she received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, the most recognized globally institution for its rigorous curriculum and National Institutes of Health - funded research.

She firmly believes in and practices in her life the naturopathic principles. As a mother of 3, Cara understands the joys and stress of having a family. Her life experiences, clinical experience, research and continuing medical education constitute a solid profesional option for you and your loved ones to achieve a healthier life. 

Some of her services include: 

  • IV therapy - nutrients, ozone, antibiotics.

  • Injection therapy - prolozone, trigger point injection.

  • Craniosacral therapy.

  • Custom herbal tinctures and supplement dispensary.

  • Naturopathic counseling.

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Insurance & Health care

We have you covered

At Byhartz, we accept most of the major insurance plans. We are currently not credentialed with Applecare and are not accepting NEW Aetna or Cigna insurance plans.

Please verify your health benefits with your insurance company prior to your visit as we do not verify benefits in the office.

As with any other health care provider, we can’t guarantee that your insurance will cover all of your care. In that case, you would be responsible for any portion of your care that is not covered. For patients whose insurance plans, we do not accept, you will be provided with an itemized receipt that you can give to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Please feel free to ask about any concerns you may have. 

We accept cash, cards, and checks for your office visits. 



I truly believe that if I had not found Dr. Cara, my chronic illness would still be misdiagnosed. I’ve been undergoing treatment for chronic Lyme disease, and under her direct care, I have received life-changing support. I have never felt so well cared for. And best of all, I’m getting better! Dr. Hartz passion for her work and her love for her patients is worn on her sleeve.I can’t imagine where I would be right now if it were not for her. Thank you Dr. Hartz!

— Jessica B. / Seattle Wa.

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Our facility has it´s own private parking lot and the entrance is ADA accessible. 

Business hours:
  • Mondays -Tuesdays 9:30am - 4:30pm.

  • Thursdays 9:30am - 2:30pm 
  • Fridays by appointment only

We are currently not taking Walk-ins as part of the COVID-19 safety precautions for our patients.

Thank you, we will get back to you soon!

Your Health Starts Here

For all new patients, we are requiring a release of medical records for the past year from your primary care physician. 

Contact Info

New Patients

Dear Patients...

Thank you for your trust! We are excited to see you!

Dr. Hartz is seeing all new patients via telehealth. Once our office has received your required medical records, you will need to fill out new patient questionnaires, consent forms, and provide a credit card  in order to secure your new patient appointment. Please do this timely so your first appointment can be scheduled! See you soon!

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